VitaGene is an online health store and dispensary that stocks professional-grade health and skincare products. 

VitaGene stocks and manages health product brands that health practitioners prescribe, so practitioners have more time to focus on practising. 

Under my VitaGene profile, you'll now be able to order all the products on LIVEHEIDI, plus many more.

Delivery throughout South Africa.

Free delivery to main centres for orders over R1000. 


2 parts to the VitaGene shop

    1. VitaGene functions as a normal online health store. Once you've registered, you can shop a variety of health products, except practitioner-only brands. At checkout, please choose 'Heidi van Loggerenberg' as your practitioner to complete your profile.
    2. VitaScript is a virtual dispensary linked to VitaGene. VitaScript enables me to email you your prescription, which you can fulfil on VitaGene. On your script, I can prescribe practitioner-only products for you. After I've created your first script and you've ordered, you'll be able to access practitioner-only brands when you log into to VitaGene, because you'll be on my profile.