If you would like to consult with me, please complete these electronic intake forms: 

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There is no cost to complete the intake forms. Payment is only due after our consult.

These forms might take up to 90 mins to complete - apologies ahead of time! But, sending me this info before our consult, saves us about 30-40 mins in our consult that we can better spend discussing where you're at, and your way forward. 

Before your follow-up appointment, I will send you a much shorter version of the forms, to track how symptoms have changed. This helps us see where there have been improvements or where work is still needed. LivingMatrix plots some of this info on to graphs which makes it easier to understand.

I use the functional medicine case-taking software called LivingMatrix. Once you have entered all your health info and sent it back to me, the software plots your info onto your health timeline and health matrix.  

This is how LivingMatrix will display your health info:


Your dashboard will show an overview of all your info.


Your health timeline will give an overview of your health history, from before birth to now. It incorporates your family history and the many signs, symptoms, traumas, health choices, etc. along the way, that have resulted in bringing you to this point.

It helps link things you may not have thought were linked, and it can show how symptoms have resolved or worsened over time.


The heavily weighted orange areas on your matrix will show where you need to focus your health efforts.  



  1. ClickRegister to access your electronic intake forms
  2. The forms only work on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  3. Fill in all the boxes with your details. All boxes with red asterisks (*) require information.

4. Tick the box to send the activation code and click on the green “Yes, Proceed” button to continue the registration.

5. You will receive an email from no-reply+support@livingmatrix.comThe email will have Activation Code: (The practice name)” in the subject line.

6. Open the email and read the steps. Click on 'Activate' hyperlink to be directed to the LivingMatrix activation page.

7. Enter the activation code provided in the email and choose a password.

8. Once you've setup a password, you'll be directed to the LivingMatrix login page to enter your account

9. I will then see your registration and will activate your profile.

10. Once all this is done, you'll be able to access all your health info, health matrix, health timeline, prescriptions, etc. whenever you want. 

Register to access your electronic intake forms