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Ready for a deep detox?

The Metagenics ClearChange® Detox Program is based on Functional Medicine principles and was designed by top Functional Medicine doctors. This program is backed by science and lots of research, and has been clinically shown to deliver results for over 20 years.


Signs that you might need to detox


- Difficulty concentrating

- Foggy brain

- Mood swings or easily irritated


- Lack of energy / Tiredness

- Trouble sleeping or waking feeling refreshed


- Bloated

- Occasional digestive discomfort


- Feel like your liver needs a clean

- Drank lots/are still drinking lots/drink every day...

- Work or live with exposure to environmental pollutants


- Feel older than your actual age


This detox program is free to take part in. You will just need to buy 2 detox products (Metagenics AdvaClear capsules and UltraClear powder) and the recommended food.

'Any of the UltraClear shakes are great, but I like UltraClear Renew because it includes nutrients and plant extracts that also help detox heavy metals and excess estrogen. The deeper, the better. I welcome any extra help in our increasingly toxic, estrogenising world.' Dr Heidi

You can start when you're ready. It's all online so you can trigger the start to best suit you. 

Free in your detox pack

  • Welcome overview slides
  • Metabolic Detox Questionnaire - which you can repeat over and over throughout your detox, to measure and track your progress 
  • Program guide - explaining the detox and what to expect
  • FAQs
  • Shopping list
  • Recipes - Low-allergy-potential food plan with a wide range of choices and no calorie restrictions
  • Receive daily detox guidance emails and video's from top experts when you sign up for ClearChange® support
  • You may contact me with any short questions you may have during your detox: No charge: | WhatsApp only: 0833821300 | Normal consult cost: Online consults for more in-depth case taking.

Where do I start?

  1. Download the relevant documents below or download all from DropBox
  2. Complete the Metabolic Detox Questionnaire
  3. If your score is low, do 10 days
  4. If your score is moderate to high, do 28 days
  5. Read the 10 or 28-day detox program guide and the FAQs before starting
  6. Order your Metagenics detox products: AdvaClear and an UltraClear powder that's right for your needs. Your order might take 2-3 days to arrive so please factor this into your start date.
  7. While it is not essential, it is recommended to take omega 3 and a probiotic during your detox for enhancement.
  8. Read the recipes and shop the shopping list
  9. Go to ClearChange® for more info
  10. Sign up for the ClearChange® Program Support to trigger your detox guidance emails and video's from top Functional Medicine experts
  11. *Check with your doctor* before starting any new health program or supplements, especially if you are on medication or have existing health conditions. This detox program is not suitable for pregnant women.

Which ultraclear powder is right for me?

There are 3 UltraClear's to choose from, and various sizes and flavours. Let your questionnaire score, and your budget, determine your choice.

If your score (or budget) is low, try UltraClear Plus.

If your score is moderate to high, consider choosing UltraClear pH or Renew.

UltraClear Renew contains and does the most, giving the deepest detox

Take a look at Metagenics Detox Product Options - Go to page 2 to see a comparison of the different UltraClear options.

Please contact me if you need help choosing the right products for your needs.

10% Off!

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Free delivery over R750


Get started! 

Well done on starting this detox program. What a wonderful gift to give to yourself!

Please contact me if you have questions or need help choosing the right products for you. I'm here to help.

Dr Heidi



While you may have heard some people say that experiencing 'detox symptoms', like a headache, aches and pains etc., shows that you're detoxing, these symptoms are unnecessary. They could mean that you're pushing your detox too hard, too fast. Meet your body where it's at. If your body is carrying a greater toxin burden than at other times, or compared to someone else, slow your detox down. Reduce the dose or frequency of the detox products, and spread the detox over a longer time period.