One of my favourites supplement brands is Metagenics. Their supplements are pharmaceutical-grade quality and their ingredients are standardised. This means that what is listed on the label, is actually in the supplement. This makes prescribing safer and more effective.

Now, you can order directly from the Metagenics SA warehouse through my practitioner site. This means that you can choose from the FULL range of Metagenics products.  

Your products will be sent directly to you from the Metagenics warehouse. This is quicker and easier for you, and greener for the environment.
Free delivery on orders over R750.
Delivery charge of R140 for orders under R750.


1. Go to my Metagenics practitioner site:
(no ‘www’)

2. Create a profile.
Use your email address as your username.
Press 'Password Reset' to get a password.

3. Enter my practitioner code: drheidi

4. Place your order.

5. Check out. Less 10% discount will automcatlly be applied to your cart total at checkout - you don't need to enter a discount code.
Now you can choose to have your supplements automatically sent to you every month. Choose this option on each product's page.