Dr. Heidi van Loggerenberg (M.Tech Hom, CFSP)


For many months, there were no absolute treatment protocols for COVID, and no vaccine. We had to rely solely on our immune system and our current state of health.

Even though vaccines and treatments are starting to emerge, they only offer some protection against a severe COVID outcome.

This pandemic has highlighted integrative medicine and that our nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices (staying fit, eating right, sleeping optimally, keeping our weight, inflammation and oxidative stress low, matter BIG TIME! Prevention matters as much, if not more, than treatment right now.

All for one and one for all.

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Start personalising from your DNA up!

Knowing your DNA can help you see where your genetic strengths and weaknesses lie, so you can work with your body and strive for optimal wellness.

Learn how prone your are to inflammation, oxidative stress, raised cholesterol. Learn more about your ideal diet and exercise program for weight loss and much much more. All these are key for best COVID outcome.

Gift yourself, or someone you care about, a DNA test and start this year right, no matter what's happening around you.

Optimal wellness starts from your DNA up!

Please email me if you need more info.

Start personalising from your DNA up!

DNA Test

3X4 DNA Test + Interpretation Consult*



Feel like a reset after last year?

Need to like you need to shed a few unwanted habitsand kilo's gained in 2020?

Then this Detox Program might be for you.

It's free to join. Recipes are super simple. The two clinically-designed detox products will work deep in your biochemistry to release toxins and help your body function optimally again.


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Practitioner-only PRODUCTS

I stock a few practitioner-only products (such as higher strength vitamin D3 and AHCC) that are not allowed to be displayed online.

Please email me if you're looking for something specific.

wider selection of brands & practitioner-only products


VitaScript is an online health product dispensary from where you can fulfil a electronic script I send you.

I'll email you the script > click on the link in the email > checkout of VitaScript. Easy!

You can easily order repeat scripts or automate your order so your supplements arrive at a chosen date every month.

It's a great option if you're looking for an easy way to order your monthly health supplement script, want to order a health brand/product that you can't find in a pharmacy/health shop near you or that isn't on LIVEHEIDI, or if you would like to order practitioner-only products.

Free delivery on orders over R1000.

Please email me for more info.



All consults are online only during this time.



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