I've chosen to stock BioMax liposomal magnesium because it was the first magnesium supplement I felt the effects of instantly!

COMT gene

If like me, you have a greater need for magnesium genetically, due to a variation in the spelling of your COMT gene, I would highly recommend trying this supplement.

Your COMT gene breaks down, among other things, adrenalin and estrogen. When you have excess adrenalin, your body prioritises the breakdown of adrenalin over estrogen. This can lead to a backup of estrogen which can lead to estrogen excess or toxic estrogen metabolites. Both these states can increase your risk of hormonal breast cancer.


If I feel my adrenalin rising due to any form of stress, I prefer liposomal magnesium over Rescue Remedy. About 5-7 mins after taking it, I can feel my whole body relaxing in the most tangible way. I now take a sachet once or twice a day to ensure I always have enough in my body for times when unexpected stress sneaks up on me.


BioMax magnesium contains magnesium citrate which is the form of magnesium normally recommended to speed up sluggish bowels. I love that BioMax also contains a prebiotic fibre to provide food to the healthy bacteria in the gut, adding to its healthy gut benefit. A healthy gut ensures estrogen leaves your body promptly and safely, before it has a chance to be reabsorbed and be recirculated through the body, potentially contributing to estrogen excess.


I love the berry flavour because it reminds of berry sherbet from the '80s;) My husband HATES all things berry (a boarding school 'berry cordial' hangover) so I add the flavourless version to his smoothie every morning.