About me

I strive to use my strengths to make our shared world better. My strengths include seeing and acting on trends as they're emerging, advocating better health choices, encouraging and supporting people to live healthier lives. I have a robust rebel so am a natural disruptor, and the Virgo in me loves simplifying structures and systems. 

I've had a non-traditional career. After I qualified as a homoeopathic doctor, I worked as a category marketer for Click's pharmacy brand, LinkMax, while continually studying a variety of health-related courses and exploring new trends like raw veganism.

After a shock breast cancer diagnosis at 35, I had the following 2 serendipitous discoveries: Firstly, what it's like to sit in the patient's chair (a very humbling, vulnerable, insightful and invaluable experience), and secondly, I got to be young and 'super healthy' while experiencing a chronic illness that I was unaware of. This meant I had to time to investigate and possibly reverse the imbalances.

While researching, I discovered genetics, epigenetics, and integrative and functional medicine as they were starting to move mainstream. I loved that the functional medicine systems and protocols addressed chronic illness, with the aim of getting to the root cause of an illness. So, along with a course in nutrigenomics and genetic counselling, I signed up to become a functional medicine practitioner.

Using the functional medicine tool called 'my health timeline', I could look back and see how my breast cancer was largely caused by the interaction between my genetic variations, my nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices, and my soul's journey. I had, unknowingly, ticked almost every risk factor box! This was very empowering because it meant I might have been able to 'turn off' my cancer. I found the concept of 'turning' disease on and off via one's health choices fascinating and I needed to share it.

My studies, experience and 2 trips overseas to personalised medicine conferences in Oxford and Chicago, drove me to co-found JOINCIRCLES, a future-based online health store that aimed to educate and enable people to prevent lifestyle-related chronic diseases and work towards optimal wellness. DNA and advanced biochemistry tests were available direct to consumer, along with nutrition, environment and lifestyle products that could be curated into a personalised protocol according to your results.

Now, I want to take my experiences and knowledge to more people. Everyone votes for better health, theirs and the planet's, with every choice they make. Even if we all just make one better change today, the ripple benefit will be huge! I want to play my part in this.