3X4 | The report

  • The report is a practical, action plan of clear, summarised recommendations
  • Offers personalised nutrition, environment, lifestyle and behaviour recommendations
  • Helps you make both big and small health choice changes 
  • 82 gene variants are analysed and grouped into 25 metabolic pathways under 5 main biological headings 
  • This pathway-based analysis of related genes in their metabolic pathways is more medically correct and useful than looking at single genes not show in their pathways which is used by many other genetic tests
  • Uses colours and pictures so both you and your healthcare practitioner can easily understand your results
  • The colours help you quickly see where you need to prioritise and focus your health efforts
  • Contains a glossary where all 25 pathways are defined and explained in simple, easy-to-understand language

Sample Report

Click here to see what you'll get in your 3X4 Report:

3X4 Sample Report | Female

3X4 Sample Report | Male