• The easy-to-use 3X4 Genetics Kit comes with step-by-step instructions. You can do the test yourself easily at home. 
    • No spitting, no needles and no blood.
    • Collecting your genetic sample is as easy as swabbing each cheek for 30 seconds.


    1. Do the test first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything or, wait an hour after eating and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
    2. Twist the tube cap to unlock it. 
    3. Pull the swab stick out slowly, being careful not to touch the swab tip with anything other than your inner cheek.
    4. Rub the inside lining of your inner cheek firmly for 30 secs. Do not rub so hard that you draw blood, but firmly enough to ensure some inner cheek cells rub off on to the swab.
    5. Carefully put the swab stick back into the tube and click the tube to lock it.
    6. If the swab tip touches anything other than your inner cheek, please request another kit be sent to you and repeat the test.

    QR code

    1. Look for the QR code on the bottom of your kit.
    2. Open your camera. 
    3. Your camera will automatically scan the code - no need to press the camera button to take a photo. 


    1. After your camera has scanned the QR code, a simple registration page will open on your phone where you will be asked for your details and collection address.


    • Once you have registered your kit, 3X4 Genetics will send a courier to collect your kit from the address you provided.
    • You can also follow the collection instructions in the kit documents.

    Quality control

    • The 3X4 Genetics Lab ensures that the highest standards are maintained when processing your DNA.
    • Their lab is ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 15189:2012 accredited, ensuring that your DNA is managed under rigorous control throughout the whole process.

    data security

    • From the time your sample is collected, your DNA and data is kept securely and anonymously in the secure Amazon Web cloud environment.
    • 3X4 ensures that they meet the exacting requirements of POPI, GDPR and HIPAA.

    How long will my test results take?

    • You will receive your 3X4 Genetics Report 3 weeks after your kit has been collected.

    Your feedback session

    • I will contact you once your 3X4 Genetics Report is ready and to setup up a time for me to take you throug your results.