3X4 | How do I do the test?


    • The easy-to-use 3X4 Genetics test kit comes with step-by-step instructions so you can easily do the test yourself. 
    • No spitting, no needles and no blood.
    • Collecting your genetic sample is as easy as swabbing each cheek for 60 seconds.

    Where to start?


      Registering your test kit ensures that the lab correctly connects your genetic data to you.

      1. Complete this step carefully. A complete and accurate sample registration is part of keeping your data safe. If you send your kit back without registering it, your sample will be delayed and possibly discarded.
      2. There's a QR code on the top of your test kit. Open your camera and aim it at the QR code - no need to press the camera button to take a photo. 
      3. yellow link will appear on your camera screen. Click on the link. 
      4. You'll be taken to a simple registration page. Enter all your details and collection address.
      5. Alternately go to www.3x4genetics.com/register and enter your sample ID (it starts with KZA___)


      Now for the exciting part! Once you have registered, it’s time to collect your sample.

      Genetic testing is a complex process. A great quality sample and proper kit registration are the foundations of a quick and easy testing process. If your sample is contaminated, or you don't get enough cells onto the swab, the lab will not be able to process your sample. They'll need to send you another kit and you'll have to resubmit your sample. All this extends the time before you can get your report.

      Here’s how to ensure the best sample possible.

      1. The best time to collect your sample is first thing in the morning, immediately after you wake up and before brushing your teeth.
      2. Do not eat, drink, chew gum, brush your teeth, or smoke 60 minutes before collecting. 
      3. Avoid wearing lip balm or lip stick before or during sample collection. 

      1. Clearly write your date of birth on the vial. Place the vial standing up, on a flat surface. Unscrew the vial cap.

      2. Pull the swab stick out slowly, being careful not to touch the swab tip with anything other than your inner cheek. Don't let the swab touch your fingers or lips. If the swab tip touches anything other than your inner cheek, please request another kit and repeat the test. Rub the swab tip firmly against the inside of your cheek for 60 seconds on each side. Do not rub so hard that you draw blood, but firmly enough to ensure some inner cheek cells rub off onto the swab. Some samples need to be redone because the person didn't rub hard enough to ensure enough cheek cells get onto the swab. Rotate the swab tip so you can make sure to cover the entire swab with cheek cells. Avoid touching your teeth with the swab tip. 

      3. Pick up the vial and hold it steady in one hand. Slowly insert and twist your swab into the vial. Apply pressure using a corkscrew motion. Push all the way to the bottom of the vial.

      4. Hold the vial steady and move the swab up and down rapidly inside the tube 10-15 times without moving the swab out of the liquid.

      5. Hold the vial firmly and remove the swab by slowly twisting it out with a corkscrew motion. Dispose of the swab.

      6. Replace the vial cap tightly and seal it in the included ziplock bag. Place it back into the 3X4 packaging tube.

      7.  Your sample is stable at room temperature.

      8. Store your sample out of direct sunlight.

        STEP 3: SEND

        Now the final step!
        Time to send your sample back to the lab.
        1. After you have successfully registered your sample, 3X4 will book a courier collection within 24 hours.
        2. The courier will usually collect in the afternoons within 1-3 days, and will supply a bag and waybill.
        3. Ensure that your sample is ready for collection, and that someone is available to give the parcel to the courier.
        4. Ensure the person who will be answering the door is aware that the collection is taking place.


        Please contact Dr Heidi or the 3X4 Genetics Lab


          • Your 3X4 Genetics report will take about 3 weeks from the date your DNA sample was collected.


          • When your 3X4 Genetics report is ready, I'll contact you to setup up a time for your feedback session.


          • The 3X4 Genetics Lab ensures that the highest standards are maintained when processing your DNA.
          • Their lab is ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 15189:2012 accredited, ensuring that your DNA is managed under rigorous control throughout the whole process.


          • From the time your sample is collected, your DNA and data are kept securely and anonymously in the secure Amazon Web cloud environment.
          • 3X4 ensures that they meet the exacting requirements of POPI, GDPR and HIPAA.