3X4 DNA Test

R 5,400
This price includes the test kit, delivery of the kit to and from your house, processing of your DNA sample and your DNA report.
  • Price excludes the interpretation consult with me once your results are ready. My feedback consult fee is R1000 for 1 hour and is payable before our feedback session. I can only release your results during your feedback consult. 
    • Please email me the following details on liveheidi@liveheidi.comFull name, ID, cell, physical delivery address of the person the test is for.
    • I will place your order on Vitascript, an online practitioner dispensary.
    • You will receive an email from Vitascript, containing a payment link. Click on the link and checkout of Vitascript like a normal online store.
    • Your DNA test kit will then be couriered to your door.
    • When you receive the kit, do the swab as per the instructions in the kit. Don't eat anything for 30 mins before. Press hard enough on the inside of your cheek with the swab so that cells rub off onto the swab but not too hard that you draw blood. Blood will contaminate your test sample. Please contact me if you have any questions about how to do the test.
    • Once you've done your test swab, open your phone camera and aim it at the QR code on the kit container. You don't need to press the 'take photo' button. A link will appear at the top of your phone. Click on the link and enter your details. This will automatically call the courier to collect your test sample OR follow the courier link in your test instructions. 
    • When your DNA report is ready, I'll contact you to set up a time to meet, online or in person.
    • Please call/WhatsApp/email me at any stage of this process if you have questions: 083 382 1300 | liveheidi@liveheidi.com 

    We're at a remarkable time in human history as advances in genetics give us a new way to understand our bodies. Using this knowledge, we can make more personlised health choices to ensure we live longer, healthier lives, with a brain and memory that functions optimally, a body that is healthy, easy-to-move and pain-free.

    Whether you want to optimise your well-being, prevent chronic illness, delay ageing or up your game in sports, the 3X4 Genetics test provides the clues you’ve been missing and empowers you to take care of your health in a way that is personalised and precise.

    Your personalised health action plan 

    Take the guesswork out of your chronic illness and improve your life dramatically. With the right genetically determined nutrition, supplement, environment and lifestyle adjustments, you’ll soon feel empowered and in control of your health again.

    Why is this genetic test different?

    3X4 Genetics makes complex science simple.

    The test reads your genetic data and translates it into an easy-to-understand personlised action plan.

    It looks at gene relationships and metabolic pathways which is more medically accurate way than just looking at gene variations separately. 

    • The report is a practical, action plan of clear, summarised recommendations
    • Offers personalised nutrition, environment, lifestyle and behaviour recommendations
    • Helps you make both big and small health choice changes 
    • 82 gene variants are analysed and grouped into 25 metabolic pathways under 5 main biological headings 
    • This pathway-based analysis of related genes in their metabolic pathways is more medically correct and useful than looking at single genes not show in their pathways which is used by many other genetic tests
    • Uses colours and pictures so both you and your healthcare practitioner can easily understand your results
    • The colours help you quickly see where you need to prioritise and focus your health efforts
    • Contains a glossary where all 25 pathways are defined and explained in simple, easy-to-understand language

    Sample Report

    Click here to see what you'll get in your 3X4 Report:

    3X4 Sample Report | Female

    3X4 Sample Report | Male

    Understanding the root cause of chronic disease

    It's not about just patching symptoms - It's about understanding the root cause

    More and more research is showing that your genes interact with each other, and with your nutrition, environment and lifestyle choices.

    How and what you eat, your exposures to environmental toxins, how you move and sleep, your stress levels, your mental, emotional and spiritual experiences, your traumas, all affect how our genes behave.

    Your genes, which carry the instructions that tell your body how to build, regulate and maintain itself, also tell your body how to respond to the food, toxins, exercise, stress, sleep, and anything else that your body is exposed to. 

    It's a two-way relationship. Understanding more about your genes helps you personalise your health choices to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

    We now know from research, that the body functions as a whole and that the body systems talk to each other. For example, your gut health can affect your brain health; and your brain health, your gut.

    The cells in your gut lining produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin that make you feel happy; and stressful thoughts can make your gut tight or churn. 

    Because of this, 3X4 genetics believes it's very useful to look at the body at the level of cells, pathways and systems.

    Cells, Pathways and Systems

    Your body is made up of complex, interconnected cells, pathways and systems so the 3X4 Genetic test groups your genes into these headings.


    We are the sum of our cells, and we're only as healthy as they are. Imagine your body as Pleasantville and every cell in your body as a house. All the houses in the town function independently. 

    Each household needs to takes care of its own day-to-day maintenance and business, but ultimately contributes to the overall success and functioning of the town. 

    Similarly, every cell in your body has its own mechanisms to function, clean and protect itself. Your cells know what to do because your genes tell them what to do. If your genes have a misspelling, its instructions will be slightly less effective.

    Knowing your genetic variations and then compensating for and supporting them with personalised healthy choices, can help prevent, delay and/or reverse chronic disease, at a cellular level.

    Going 'upstream'

    3X4 Genetics believes in going 'upstream', like a detective, to better understand the root cause of symptoms.

    To explain this, imagine a river. Certain streams feed into this river. The health of the river depends on the health of the streams further up the hill. All the streams need to be healthy and functioning properly for the river to function properly.

    If just one river is not functioning optimally, it will affect the quality of the river's water and the symptoms will be seen as sick plants, animals and households along the river.

    Certain genes function in specific pathways like a cascade. If you don't find a variation in one gene in one pathway, keep looking further up the pathway, or in related pathways, for genetic variations that you need to help with more personlised health choices to function better. This will improve the functioning of the whole pathway.

    Energy | Activity | Nutrients

    Additional sections this test looks at are Energy, Activity and Nutrients. These categories provide useful information about how you gain and lose weight, your resting metabolism, your appetite, a possible predisposition to wanting to snack because you never feel full, whether exercise or dieting will be more useful for weight loss, how your circadian rhythms may affect your appetite, and more.

    5 Biological categories

    1. Cellular
    2. Systems
    3. Energy
    4. Activity
    5. Nutrients

    • Detoxification
    • DNA damage
    • Inflammation
    • Methylation
    • Oxidative stress
    2. SYSTEMS
    • Blood clotting
    • Bone/Collagen/Joints
    • Brain health
    • Glucose and Insulin
    • Sex hormone balance
    • Vascular health 
    3. ENERGY
    • Adipogenesis
    • Appetite/Satiety/Intake
    • Energy expenditure
    • Exercise Response
    • Pro-inflammatory fat
    • Weight gain & loss of resistance
    • Endurance
    • Injury
    • Power
    • Recovery
    • Caffeine
    • Salt
    • Vitamin D


      • The easy-to-use 3X4 Genetics Kit comes with step-by-step instructions. You can do the test yourself easily at home. 
      • No spitting, no needles and no blood.
      • Collecting your genetic sample is as easy as swabbing each cheek for 30 seconds.


      1. Do the test first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything or, wait an hour after eating and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
      2. Twist the tube cap to unlock it. 
      3. Pull the swab stick out slowly, being careful not to touch the swab tip with anything other than your inner cheek.
      4. Rub the inside lining of your inner cheek firmly for 30 secs. Do not rub so hard that you draw blood, but firmly enough to ensure some inner cheek cells rub off on to the swab.
      5. Carefully put the swab stick back into the tube and click the tube to lock it.
      6. If the swab tip touches anything other than your inner cheek, please request another kit be sent to you and repeat the test.

      QR code

      1. Look for the QR code on the bottom of your kit.
      2. Open your camera. 
      3. Your camera will automatically scan the code - no need to press the camera button to take a photo. 


      1. After your camera has scanned the QR code, a simple registration page will open on your phone where you will be asked for your details and collection address.


      • Once you have registered your kit, 3X4 Genetics will send a courier to collect your kit from the address you provided.
      • You can also follow the collection instructions in the kit documents.

      Quality control

      • The 3X4 Genetics Lab ensures that the highest standards are maintained when processing your DNA.
      • Their lab is ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 15189:2012 accredited, ensuring that your DNA is managed under rigorous control throughout the whole process.

      data security

      • From the time your sample is collected, your DNA and data is kept securely and anonymously in the secure Amazon Web cloud environment.
      • 3X4 ensures that they meet the exacting requirements of POPI, GDPR and HIPAA.

      How long will my test results take?

      • You will receive your 3X4 Genetics Report 3 weeks after your kit has been collected.

      Your feedback session

      • I will contact you once your 3X4 Genetics Report is ready and to setup up a time for me to take you throug your results.

      In her role as Chief Science Officer, Dr Yael Joffe brings over 20 years of experience in nutrition, genetics, sound research, clinical practice and scientific integrity to 3X4.

      In the rapidly-evolving discipline of nutrigenomics, Yael is globally acknowledged as a leading expert in the field. She is a highly sought-after speaker, has co-authored two books, ‘It’s Not Just Your Genes’ and ‘Genes To Plate’, and has been published in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals.

      Yael is at the forefront of nutrigenomic education and has helped develop and supervise nutrigenomics courses around the world, including her own Manuka courses, which have trained hundreds of healthcare practitioners globally.

      She is currently an Adjunct Professor, teaching Nutrigenomics at Rutgers University and MUIH.

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